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Effective communication is vital to successful outcomes!


In any business environment, effective communication is a basic, fundamental leadership trait that will  add value to your company’s bottom line.  No matter how many leadership forums, staff meetings, department retreats and strategy planning sessions you attend this year,  without daily effective communication, the outcomes will likely come up short of the goal.  The principle of full engagement, clear discussion, precise instruction and group buy-in makes any goal achievable.  Whether you communicate in person, or by videoconference,  social media, text, or email,  you have the opportunity to inspire, inform, or inflame your audience.  Be Brilliant in the Basics helps you be cognizant of your style and audience, and helps you plan to effectively communicate as a leader.  You will be inspired by practical examples and personal stories that deliver results and create organizational impact.  In Be Brilliant in the Basics, effective communication is just one of eight topics covered to enhance your management and leadership skills. 

Multiple retailers have read and adopted the principles and tenets of Be Brilliant in the Basics and have incorporated them into their 2017 retail leadership development plans.  A brilliant culture doesn’t happen by chance.  It takes an understanding of the basic tenets of leadership and the execution of the traits daily.

Wishing you the best of success as a Brilliant Leader in 2017!


Kelvin Goss

“Finally a book written with simple applications that can make an immediate impact in any place of business.”

Brandon Jordan

Former Area Manager Human Resources

Lowes Home Improvement

Kelvin Goss has over thirty years of retail experience. He began his retail career as a teenager, bagging groceries and selling hot dogs at a hot-dog cart. He was the first African American promoted to vice president of a regional grocery chain, and he then advanced his career by moving to Walmart, the largest retailer in the world. Goss’s passion, energy, and understanding about what it takes to succeed in retail literally jump off the pages of Be Brilliant in the Basics. Retail is detail. Retail is all about interpersonal relationships—with associates, customers, peers, and supervisors. Kelvin delves into the intricacies of being a servant-leader with practical tips about how to succeed as a retail-store manager.

Sharon Orlopp

Former Retired Global Chief Diversity Officer, Walmart

Be Brilliant in the Basics teaches employees the fundamental, transformative steps it takes to be a success in the retail industry.  The book is full of good  advice for rising managers  or those who want to be in management.  My favorite advice is,  “Do it, delegate it, or destroy it.” This book is a must-read for all employees and will increase the company’s bottom line.

Katessa Davis
California Employment Attorney
Representing Management

Even as a high school student, Kelvin had that servant-leadership attitude! He was kind-hearted, hard-working, intelligent, and always gave 110%.  Although Kelvin shows you how to make your retail climb a little easier in this concise book, its valuable lessons will be motivating for anyone who works with people.  Its simple, easy-to-read format, will provide you with the necessary skills for a quick run up the success ladder!

Ola Owens, Adjunct Instructor Texas A&M-Commerce

Kelvin is a dynamic leader that has always understood the importance of connecting with people authentically to help them achieve great results. Being Brilliant at the Basics will help leaders at all levels stay focused on what is important in a competitive retail environment to be successful.

Lucious C. III, Vice President TJ Maxx



"Customer satisfaction is the ultimate currency in retail, and exceptional leadership is the key to unlocking its value."

Your Ultimate Roadmap to Finding Success in Retail Through Detail 

 Kelvin Goss and contributor Felicia Delk offer practical, basic advice for those working in retail who aspire to management positions. Topics covered include: Stage Readiness, Retail Agility, Leadership Knowledge, Communication, Personal Accountability, Networking, Job Readiness, and Servant Leader Character. 

I'm thrilled to share that the HRCI team recently had the privilege of participating in the first of three Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) trainings led by the exceptional Kelvin Goss.

In today's rapidly evolving world, fostering a culture of inclusivity and understanding is not just important – it's essential.

Kelvin Goss brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our session, challenging us to examine our biases, broaden our perspectives, and actively work towards creating a more equitable and welcoming environment for everyone.

This training wasn't just about ticking a box – it was about sparking meaningful conversations, driving real change, and empowering each team member to become a champion for diversity and inclusion in our workplace and beyond.

I'm excited to see the positive impact Kelvin Goss' training will have on our organization and the communities we serve.

Megan Hayes, aPHR

Director, Corporate Sponsorships at HRCI



"Be Brilliant Learning Center", is crafted to elevate leadership capabilities, communication aptitude, and personal growth.

Look no further than Be Brilliant Learning Center! Our comprehensive online course are crafted to help you achieve your professional goals and reach new heights of success. Join now to Finding Success in Retail Through Detail 


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